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Zhongli Water Resources Center, 2nd Largest Wastewater Treatment Project under PPP Initiative, Begins Operation

HDEC, a subsidiary of Continental Holdings Corporation (Stock Code: 3703), today held a ceremony celebrating the completion of Phase One of the Zhongli Sewerage System BOT project, a collaborative effort with CTCI. Once in operation, the plant can process 39,200 tons of domestic sewage every day, helping maintain the water quality of Laojie and Xinjie Creeks, improve the quality of life for local residents and accelerate the completion of the last mile of sewage treatment in Southern Taoyuan.

“This project is the second largest wastewater treatment project under Taiwan’s Promotion of Private Participation (PPP) initiative. Once in operation, the plant can process domestic sewage from about 70,000 households per day. After the completion of the entire project, approximately 200,000 households will be connected to the system, which will greatly improve the river pollution problem in the Zhongli area,” said HDEC CEO Jerry Chou.

This project will be implemented in four phases. Once all phases are completed, the plant is expected to process 156,800 tons of domestic sewage per day, which will be converted to recycled water for industrial usage, effectively relieving water shortage problems. The Zhongli Water Resources Center is designed with local customs and history in mind and is patterned after a peach blossom garden. In addition to the environmental education facility, the center is surrounded by a circular green park and tree-lined circular trails that provide nearby residents with a space for exercise and rest, create a water-friendly environment and let people experience the core value of sustainable regeneration of water resources.

HDEC currently has six projects, including this one, in operational stage; together they will bring a steady source of revenue for the long term. As of the end of 2023, HDEC has a revenue stock of NT$69.8 billion, equivalent to 14.6 times its 2023 consolidated revenue. HDEC’s business goal in 2024 is to continue expanding the scale of recycled water operations, enter the high-end water market, as well as develop the waste treatment and renewable energy markets.