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Continental Holdings Corporation Reports 2023 Revenue of NT$30.607B, Declares Cash Dividend of NT$1.50 per Share

Continental Holdings Corporation (CHC, TWSE: 3703) held a shareholders’ meeting today, with Chairman Nina Ing presenting 2023 operating results and 2024 business plan. According to the company’s annual report for fiscal 2023, CHC posted consolidated revenue of NT$30.607 billion, after-tax net profits of NT$1.717 billion, and EPS of NT$2.09, with a cash dividend of NT$1.50 per share.

CHC Chairman Nita Ing said, “CHC has demonstrated operational resilience against market challenges such as monetary tightening and interest rate hikes. Our three business segments are balanced in terms of profit contribution and business development.” Ing later added, “CHC adheres to ESG and sustainability. We continue to invest in water resource utilization, renewable energy, talent cultivation, operational integrity, and enhancing long-term value.”

A board member election was later held during the meeting. The elected board members are Ms. Nina Ing and Ms. Helena Kuo, representatives of Wei-Dar Development Co., Ltd., Mr. John Huang and Mr. Hsiung Chiang, representatives of Han-De Construction Co., Ltd. The elected independent directors are Mr. Frank Juang, Ms. Jolien Shu, and Ms. Wilma Wei.

CHC also posted consolidated revenue of NT$8,926 million from January to April 2024, a decrease of 4.1% compared to the same period last year. Continental Engineering Corporation achieved a backlog of NT$101.2 billion as of the end of the first quarter of 2024, setting a new historical high.